Society Members' Tenancy agreement


The Terms & Conditions together with the Rules as agreed by the Felpham Allotments and Garden Society are as follows:

  • No member/plot holder may hold more than 10 rods (whole plot); unless there are no applicants waiting. The committee may take back any plots held in excess of 10 rods and the member has the right to decide which plot(s) will be relinquished.
  • The committee shall have the right to make special conditions in regard to any tenancy. Every member shall observe and perform all conditions and covenants in the lease under which the Society operates.
  • A deposit will be taken when an allotment is first rented.  £40 for a 5 rod plot & £20 for 2.5 rod plot. This will be returned when the plot is given up provided that the plot is returned in good order.  If not the deposit will be retained to assist in returning the plot to good condition.
  • Rent is to be paid annually at the beginning of October. Payment must be to the Rent Officer or Treasurer. (Rent Charges are reviewed annually to reflect operating costs.)
  • The grounds of the Society are private. Only plot holders and individual family and friends of members, with express permission of that member, are granted access. Plot holders are responsible for persons invited to their plot. Gates are to be closed after entering or leaving the site. (lock pedestrian gate and close car park gate*)
  • No plot holder shall encroach or trespass onto another’s allotment without authority.
  • The plot is for the cultivation to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers and no other purpose. Commercial activity is prohibited.  At least 75% of the plot must be under cultivation; weeds be kept under control, grass and paths (including the associated grass path on the Bognor side of your plot) regularly mown/trimmed. Also huts, greenhouses and fruit cages must be maintained and no accumulation of rubbish is allowed
  • The grass access paths must not be reduced less than 2 ft [600mm] in width. Not to restrict or obstruct fellow plot holders safe access.
  • Fruit trees and bushes are not to be planted such that they encroach on paths. Fruit trees shall be dwarf stock.
  • There may be a few exceptional cases where a plot holder can make out a good case to deviate from the 75% rule. Permission must be sought in writing and in advance from the committee, prior to the main growing season. Similarly in the circumstances of a plot holder taking on an abandoned plot, requiring significant preparation effort, phasing of this requirement may be allowed.
  • Where adjoining a hedge or fence you are to keep clear access for cutting the hedge. Do not stockpile or lean materials against fences or walls.
  • Debris or rubbish is to be removed off site. Soil/ Compost/ manure heaps or bins are permitted but must be used and cleared annually.
  • All plots will be subject to regular inspections by committee members to ensure compliance..
  • No livestock is permitted on plots.
  • No dogs allowed on site at any time, except guide dogs.
  • Not to erect any building or structure on a plot without written consent. The maximum size of a shed is 40 sq ft  and greenhouse 64 sq ft (A structure might require planning approval from Arun DC, irrespective of committee consent)
  • Small sheds or tool box stores are permitted on quarter plots.
  • The allotments may be opened to the public for special events. Prior notification of this will be given to all plot holders.
  • Poly tunnels are not permitted.
  • Use of hose pipes is to be kept to a minimum. Hand held use only and when not in use to be turned off at the tap. Water supply is metered & charged to FAGS. 
  • Plots are let on a 3-month probationary basis for new plot holders
  • Plots may not be sub-let part or whole.
  • If plot holders are experiencing difficulty maintaining plots (eg illness/operation etc) they shall notify the Rent Officer or Secretary. The Committee will consider their circumstances and determine if temporary help or support can be provided.
  • Complaints. Notify the Secretary. All complaints and disputes shall be settled by the committee and they are empowered to take such steps as may be necessary. If a plot holder does not comply with committee’s requests or direction, the committee retains the right to take action or terminate a member/plot holders agreement
  • * Lock car park gate if you are the last car leaving. The "day" gate must be closed after entering or leaving the site.  When you leave & no cars remain parked - lock the main gate even if you see plot holders still at work.

When a tenancy ends the plot holder shall remove all tools and personal property including debris and rubbish.


Termination of an agreement

  1. Tenancy of a plot of any size may be terminated at any time within the tenancy period by any of the following.
  2. Receipt of notification by the tenant 2 months prior to leaving
  3. Death of a tenant.
  4. If the committee concludes that a plot is being neglected - after oral and/or written requests to clear, tidy , improve cultivation standards, maintain the plot and /or  sheds/greenhouses thereon, within a reasonable time – has not been satisfactorily attended to.
  5. Renewal of a tenancy may not be offered for all or part of a holding when the plot holder has consistently failed to maintain their plot in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
  6. When a plot holder has in excess of a whole plot (10 rods) and is requested by the Committee to relinquish the excess.
  7. The rent is in arrears for more than 28 days from the due date (the committee are not obliged to issue reminders).
  8. If the tenant fails to comply with the terms of this agreement.
  9. The Committee's decision is final.


Bonfire code of practice

The Committee has recived several complaints from nearby residents and plot holders with repiratory conditions regarding bonfire smoke.




We propose hiring a shredder periodically (hedge cutting time) and to notify plot holders so they can bring material and help with the shredding process.


The committee do not encourage bonfires but accepts that sometimes a plot holder may generate material that is easiest to dispose by burning.


Small bonfires may be made on plots but must not create smoke or affect other plot holders.  Where possible please use an incinerator.  Such bonfires are subject to the statement in the Tenancy Welcome Page that is isssued to new plot holders.

  • Lighting of fires to be after 4pm or very early morning when fewer folk are about ie be all burned before/after school children commute to school.                                                                                                         
  • Material being burned must be dry to enable it to burn quickly with minimum smoke.
  • Plastics, carpet, bitumen & similar items must never be burned.
  • Having a bonfire for several hours is not acceptable.  Nor are smoky bonfires.
  • The wind direction must not cause any smoke to blow towards houses or across the road.
  • No bonfires when the adjacent field crop is not harvested.
  • If there are plot holders present and nearby who may affected by smoke you are to confirm they have no objection.
  • All bonfires must be fully burned before the plot holder leaves.
  • No bonfires near houses and thatched roofs.                                     

Inconsiderate use of bonfires could result in the Arun DC issuing a total ban. Use of bonfires is a concession based on our being responsible and considerate to all who may be affected.

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